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On-demand digital repository of electronic resources

Cost-effectively deliver digital streaming video, audio, lectures, tutorials, documents and more straight to every classroom computer, television or students' homes or workplace.

Why MediaCAST?

  • MediaCAST  utilizes web-based technology and the latest streaming technology to deliver stunning, broadcast quality learning content to hundreds  of students simultaneously.
  • Provides teachers with the ability to incorporate any audio, video, document or graphic images into curriculum presentations of their own - even Power Point slides and Excel spreadsheets!
  • Easy to use wizard provides teachers the ability to upload media resources to the searchable library from Internet-enabled computers.
  • Archive live broadcast presentations for students and other faculty to view at their convenience.
  • Allows students, with permissions,  to access digital content from anywhere in or outside of the school providing students with the ability to progress with course work at their own rate and review materials as often as needed. 
  • Individualizes instruction to better meet the learning style of today's students
  • Provides licensing management, protection and content security tools to help  with compliance of the Copyright Fair Use and Teach Act guidelines
  • Makes it easy to find content that correlates to your particular state standards.

Start with the Core MediaCAST Digital Platform, and then add Seamlessly Integrated Modules (SIMS) at any time!
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Interested in scalable digital signage/bulletin boards
throughout your common areas? 

Let MediaCAST show you the way! 

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I save a lot of time using MediaCAST’s Snag-A-Segment tool, taking dozens of short clips out of our collection of 60 & 90 minute videos & adding them to my daily lectures.”

Dr. Sheree Reese
Professor Speech Pathology
Kean University